LPG Vessels And Semi-Trailers

  • In mere two years after establishing a manufacturing facility, OLGA Engineering Industries, in Soba Industrial Area, Khartoum, OLGA have delivered what it had promised. OLGA Engineering Industries have completely fabricated and manufactured its first "MADE IN SUDAN” LPG Semi-trailer in accordance with the most trustworthy American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) code & standards.

  • This breakthrough in the history of Sudan was achieved through modern machinery, tools, a team of internationally qualified and highly experienced engineers & technicians, and most importantly, by the correct application of comprehensive 40+ years of manufacturing and fabrication experience in Pakistan.

  • OLGA Engineering Industries is currently serving the below LPG products range:

  • LPG vessels

    Volume (m^3) Dia (mm)
    4 1200
    10 1745
    20 1745
    64 3100
    86 3100
    108 3400
    216 3400

    LPG Semi-trailers

    Volume (m^3) Dia (mm)
    50 2350
  • This landmark shall not only facilitate the local business community of Sudan by avoiding the hassle to import such high-pressure equipment from abroad but also bottleneck the outflow of depleting foreign reserves of Sudan.