About Us

An integrated engineering, construction, plant operation & maintenance services company, Olga International has been setting benchmarks in the industry worldwide. Primarily in Asian & African regions, Olga International is the embodiment of high quality & safety. Our efficiency in delivering products & projects to the clientele is what has made Olga International a frontrunner in the sector for over a decade.

The sectors we deal in include Oil & Gas, Cement, Power, Chemical, Petro Chemical & Allied Industries.

In order to meet the demands & expectations of our clients in Africa, Olga International Limited established a manufacturing facility in the Soba Industrial Area, Khartoum. Our qualified team of engineers & technicians are what has enabled us in achieving the highest quality in our projects.

CEO Message

Olga International offers value added project management, construction, manufacturing, maintenance & operation services to its customers. Currently serving clients in Pakistan, Central Africa & the Gulf, Olga International has proven to be a valuable partner for the clients. We believe in creating a mutually rewarding, two-way relationship with our clients that revolves around providing the best services to the stakeholders at fair & competitive prices.

In order to meet the timelines for the projects, our team of skilled managers & engineers who are proficient at consultation sit together to bring out the best results. As a result of our phenomenal teamwork & Integrated Customer Relationship Management, we are able to achieve repetitive business opportunities along with projects from referrals.

Using their skills & wide range of technical prowess, the team at Olga International knows how to use the available resources to their maximum capacity and meet the project deadlines within the allotted time frame & the given budgets. We believe in maintaining the highest level of professional integrity, honesty, fairness & transparency with our suppliers, subcontractors, professional associates and customers. With the kind of experience we have, coupled up with the openness to future development & strategic planning, Olga International is dedicated to meeting the expectations of our customers in an exceptional manner.

Ghulam Mustafa – CEO


To be the leading engineering fabrication & construction company in Pakistan and eventually in the Africa & Gulf region.

Mission Statement

To utilize the technical skills and expertise of its human resource in carrying out engineering and construction projects successfully, leading to achieve customer satisfaction by providing quality construction services in a cost effective and environment friendly manner



OLGA International was formed to provide engineering, fabrication & construction services to the Oil and Gas industry as well as other industrial sectors, OLGA has lived up to its promise & has notched up an impressive record of successfully completed project

Sectors Served:

  • Oil & Gas
  • Cement
  • Power
  • Chemical
  • Petro Chemical
  • Allied


Quality Management System

To be consistent in quality control, Olga International has an independent QA/QC Department that has the complete support of the top management & employees. Olga International is committed to providing the highest quality of services to the clients as per the internationally acceptable standards.

Quality Manual

Olga International’s quality manual gives out greater detail in the quality policy, quality system procedures, quality organization & the authority of the key personnel. Our quality manual also identifies the communication channels to be used with the customers so as to cater to their specific needs.

Quality Assurance Procedures

All the departments at Olga International have a set of quality assurance procedures which are adhered to at all costs. The departments include Business Development, Marketing, Proposals, Planning, HR, Construction, Production Quality Control, Maintenance, Subcontracting & IT.

Implementation, Monitoring & Improvement

The QA/QC is responsible for the implementation of the quality management system & quality assurance. Furthermore, all the employees are educated towards their responsibility of ensuring QA/QC not only personally, but also taking up the role in their respective spheres of influence. Before projects are executed, Quality Inspection Plans are prepared for each job. All the inspection activities are recorded in an appropriated approved format. Once the job/project is complete, a complete inspection record is submitted as an ‘Inspection Dossier’.

Quality Audit

Regular quality audits are conducted at all levels so as to ensure the smooth functioning of the plants & avoid any potential accident.

Health, Safety & Environment (HSE)

OLGA as a matter of principle and policy lays great emphasis on Health, Safety, Environment and Security.

HSE Documents

Olga International puts great emphasis on its Healthy, Safety & Environment policies. It is ensured that all the safety measures are adhered to so as to avoid any unpleasant event in terms of safety of the people at work. In addition to that, we also have a construction manual that gives detailed information about all aspects of Construction Project Sites, Manufacturing & Material Handling. Furthermore, waste handling & disposal at potentially hazardous sites are also instructed about in the manuals.

There are some projects that are job-specific. For such projects, the HSE Department carries out a HAZOP study & gets an approval from the customer.

Monitoring & Implementation

The Director Operations is responsible for all Health, Safety & Environment proceedings. The tasks are then delegated down the hierarchy to the workers. Each supervisor ensures to implement the HSE policies by conducting a series of talks, demonstrations & spot checks for any potential violation. Olga incentivizes the personnel to adhere to the HSE policy through an incentive & reward program.


Olga International provides & maintains a safe working environment in compliance with all regulations & legislations; local or international. We ensure that all the equipment & substance at our plants are used properly & are taken care of in a professional manner. Furthermore, we educate our employees about the HSE standards, practices & the importance of having an efficient Health, Safety & Environment department. We also believe in giving them the right training so they perform their tasks optimally.